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Law No. 117 of 1983 "Protection of Antiquities Law"

The law of antiquities protection is one of the most important Egyptian laws that have been legislated with successive amendments to achieve the necessary legal cover for the protection of antiquities and the Egyptian heritage, as well as to be the first deterrent to thefts and smuggling of antiquities and stealth drills. The law sets out, within articles, a clear definition of the word impact, More

Law No. 144 of 2006

This law is concerned with the protection of buildings of cultural value which are not covered by Law No. 117. This law includes "buildings and structures characterized by the system or the relevant, national history, historical figure or buildings that represent a historical or tourist destination; These buildings are protected against demolition or modification More

sponsorship packages

The sponsorship list allows commercial companies to sponsor a site, museum or event where they provide funds according to a set of controls in exchange for placing labels bearing the company's or sponsor's name. More

A list of commercial photography in archaeological sites and museums

The list of commercial photography within archeological sites and museums is divided into several categories that give the opportunity to television channels, institutions and companies to select the filming segments and the appropriate time periods More

Photo list

The aim of the regulation is to overcome obstacles to individuals and companies interested in taking photographs of archaeological sites, through the division of archaeological areas and museums into categories, allowing those interested to choose what suits them More

List prices of tickets for archaeological sites and museums

Includes a statement of entery tickets for all archaeological sites and museums open to visit More

Guidelines for submitting articles for publication at the Ministry of Antiquities

It includes a set of exhaustive general guidelines in case of submission of articles for publication by the Ministry of Antiquities More

S C A’s Regulations for Foreign Archaeological Missions

It includes a set of laws to regulate the work of foreign and Egyptian missions working in the field of Egyptian, Islamic and Coptic monuments, and to establish controls related to their work and their relationship with the Ministry of Antiquities More

لائحة الرعاية التجارية

لائحة الرعاية تسمح للشركات التجارية برعاية موقع أو متحف أو حدث أثرى حيث تقوم بتوفير مبالغ مالية له محددة طبقا لمجموعة من الضوابط فى مقابل وضع ملصقات تحمل العلامة التجارية للشركة او الراعي، وتنقسم الي عدة شرائح. More

لائحة المكتبات

الخدمات الخاصة بالمكتبات ومراكز التسجيل بوزراة الآثار More