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Chariot of Tutankhamun
مادة التصنيع Gilded fibreglass and wood inlaid with stones
المقاس 250 × 116 cm
سعر البيع 56000 جنية
توصيف النموذج الاثري

There were six cermorinal chariots discovered in the tomb of King Tutankhamun all dismantled in order to be able to take them down through the narrow corridors. The chariot was strongly associated with King throughout the Ancient Egyptian era as the pharaoh would be depicted as the key figure in battles ,shooting arrows into the war zone. The state chariot is made of wood which was then gilded to give it its fine golden finish. The engravings were then impressed on top to complete the decor of the chariot.

DAte: New Kingdom

For purchase: Gift Shop at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

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