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Alexandria Graeco- Roman Museum
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The Alexandrian dream is one that is worth cherishing and reviving for Egyptians and visitors to Egypt alike. The Graeco-Roman collection is our guide to a thousand years of glory. 

We owe the discovery and curation of the remarkable collection in the Alexandria’s Graeco-Roman museum to a small number of archaeologists who perseveredin their search for the clues to an Alexandria that had been bypassed by others in search for a more ancient past or for a different dimension of Egyptian history with more evident contemporary links. Amazingly,

one finds in Alexandria’s Graeco-Roman Museum the images and tangible traces of an uninterrupted history that, on the one hand, shows the long shadow of the ancient Egyptian past and, on the other hand, the imprint of the genius of Alexandrians in Graeco-Roman times on later historical periods

221PP., 149PL.
ISBN. 977-305-327-X

For purchase: Egyptian Museum - cairo