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Proceedings of the Colloquium on Theban Archaeology
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In 2008 the Supreme Council of Antiquities initiated the organization of an exhibition intended to celebrate more than 
100 years of Hungarian fieldwork in Egypt to be mounted in the Egyptian Museum. It was then with the intent of commemorating and expressing the gratitude owed its early pioneer, Fülöp Back that in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Antiquities the Exhibition titled “Hungarian Excavations in the Theban Necropolis. 

A Celebration of 102 Years of Fieldwork in Egypt” was opened in 2009. The exhibition focused on Hungarian archaeological fieldwork and research in Thebes carried out since 1983, a date that marked the start of work on the then little known Theban tomb of Djehutymes (TT32).

170 figs.

For purchase: Egyptian Museum - cairo