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Palace of Amir Taz
تاريخ الاصدار
اسم المؤلف
نبذه تعريفية

It is one of world’s richest historical urban ensembles. The Site where a number of magnificent Islamic historical eras manifest
themselves, Cairo is the bountiful metropolis of Muslims. Over the years, it has always been the destination of seekers of knowledge, beauty and peerless treasures.

The city of Thousand Minarets, as it is labeled, is one of the first cities of the world in terms of the mass and scale of  rchitectural heritage to be found within its borders. In it one finds mosques, schools, sabils (public fountains),
kuttabs (traditional old schools), mashfas (old hospitals) as well as hamams (public baths). In these very houses and palaces, the world’s most famous sultans and leaders were born and raised.


21.5 L.E

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