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The Sculptors’ Models of the The Sculptors’ Models of the Late and Ptolemaic Periods
تاريخ الاصدار
اسم المؤلف Nadja Tomoum
نبذه تعريفية

This study presents a group of Ancient Egyptian artifacts, from the Late and Ptolemaic Periods. The objects referred to are sculptures in the round or reliefs, and are known collectively by the “termini models” or “sculptors models” The range of subjects in the group of artifacts being examined is limited mainly to individual figures, or parts of full figures, of gods, goddesses, kings, queens, priests, non-royal male and female persons, animals (common hieroglyphs, such as bulls, lions, rams, falcons, owls, quail chicks, etc.), as well as architectural elements (composite capitals, columns, halves of doors, lions gargoyles, etc).

265 PP.
ISBN. 977-305-816-6
13 figs. 102 pl.

For purchase: Egyptian Museum - cairo