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Tell Basta Volume 1
تاريخ الاصدار
اسم المؤلف Mohamed I. Bakr
نبذه تعريفية

Bubastis is a very ancient city,`which is already well known. It was mentioned in the Old Testament as Pi-beseth. Herodotus gives a special attention to describe the famous annual festival of Bubastis dedicated to the cat goddess named Bastet. The cult of the wild cat was wide spread all over the Egyptian nomes, so that its name was given to the city as well as to the province later. The town was called Per-Bastet (Pr-B3s.t.t), and was transcribed by the Greek as Bubastis.

Bubastis became the capital of its northern part known as the 18th nome of Lower Egypt. It seems to reach its highest fame during the 22nd and 23rd Dynasties when Bubastis appeared to be the capital of the Egyptian Kingdom. The city was one of the centers of building activities in the Delta during the Pharaonic periods till the Roman time.


40 L.E

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