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Cahier 39 Millions of Jubilees vol.2
تاريخ الاصدار
اسم المؤلف A group of researchers
نبذه تعريفية

Tracy Musacchio
An Unpublished Stela from Dendera dating to the Eleventh Dynasty
 '…who causes his name to live' te vivifaction formula through the second Intermediate Period

Del Nord
Under the Chair: A Problem in Egyptian perspective

David O,Connor
The King's Palace at Malkata and the purpose of the Royal Harem

Stephen R.Phillips
The Splitting Headache: A Case of Interpersonal Violence in a Graeco-Roman Era Human Cranium from Meydûm, Egypt.

Nicholas S.Picardo
(AD) dressing Washptap: Illness or Injury in the Vizier's Death, as Related in His Tomb Biography.

Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner
The Construction Accounts from the 'Portal Temple' of Ramesses II in North Abydos.
Donald B.Redford
The False-Door of Nefer-shu-ba from Mendes
Janet Richards
Honoring the ancestors at Abydos: the Middle Kingdom in te Midlle Cemetery.
Robert K.Ritner
Two Third Intermediate Period Books of the Dead: P.Houston 31.72 and P.Brooklyn 37.1801E

Joshua Aaron Roberson
Observations on the so-called sw säm=f,’ or Middle Egyptian Proclitic Pronoun Construction.
Gay Robins
The Small Golden Shrine of Tutankhamun An Interpretation
Carolyn Routledge
Akhenaten's Rejection of the Title nb irt- ct
Cynthia May Sheikholeslami
An Intriguing Faience ragment: UCL 38096
JJ Shirley
One Tomb, Two Owners" Theban Tomb 122- Re-Use or Planned Family Tomb
Emily Teeter
Egypt in Chicago: A Story of Three Collections

Pascal Vernus
Du moyen égyptien au néo-égyptien, de m á m-jr: l'auxiliation de l'impératif á la dix-huitième dynastie

Jennifer Houser Wegner
A Fragmentary Demotic Cosmology in the Penn Museum.

Josef W.Wegner
A Group of Miniature Royal Sarcophagi from South Abydos

Christiane Ziegler
Note sur une peinture thébaine (TT145)

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