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Cahier 39 Millions of Jubilees vol.1
تاريخ الاصدار
اسم المؤلف
نبذه تعريفية

Matthew Douglas Adams
The Stela of Nakht, son of Nemty: contextualizing object and Individual in The Funerary Landscape at Abydos

James P.Allen
The Original Owner of Tutankhamun’s Canopic Coffins

Dieter Arnold
A Boat Ritual of King Mentuhotep Nebhepetra
Rachel Aronin
Sitting among the Great God’s: Denoting Divinity in the Papyrus of Nu

Nathalie Beaux
Arc-en-ciel, apparition et couronnement À propos du signe N 28

Patricia A.Bochi
Figuring the Dead: the Ancestor Busts and the Embodied Transition

Edda Bresciani
Un conteneur lithique en forme de navicella decoré avec lotus et motifs de la navigation celeste

Edwards Brovarski
The Date of Metjetji

Denise Doxey
The Military Officer Pamerihu: an Unpuplished Relief in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Paul John Frandsen
Durkheim's dichotomy sacred: profane and the Egyptian category bwt

Ed Gyllenhaal
From Parlor to Castle: The Egyptian collection at Glencairn Museum

Zahi Hawass
Five Old Kingdom Sphinxes Found at Saqqara

Jane A.Hill
Window between Worlds: The Ankh as a Dominant Theme in Five Middle Kingdom Mortuary Monuments

Salima Ikram
A Plaster Head in Cairo

Janice Kamrin, with Elina Nuutinen and Amina EL Baroudi
Getting Tutankhamun's Number.

Arielle P.Kozloff
Chips off the Old Block: Amenhotep IV's Sandstone Colossi, Re-cut from Statues of Amenhotep III

Ronald J.Leprohon
Sinuhe's Speeches

Barbara S.Lesko
Divine Interest in Humans in Ancient Egypt

Kate Liszka
'Medjay' (no.188) in the Onomasticon of Amenemope

Ulrich Luft
Die Stele des Sn-nfr in Deir el-Bersha und ihr Verhältnis zur chronologie des Neuen Reiches

Dawn McCormack,
Establishing the Legitimacy of Kings in Dynasty Thirteen

Antonio J.Morales
Threats and Warnings to future Kings: The inscription of Seti I at Kanais (Wadi Mia)

Ellen F.Morris
Opportunism in contested Lands, B.C.and A.D. or How Abdi-Ashirta, Aziru, and Padsha Khan Zadran Got Away with Murder

Brian Muhs
A Demotic Donation Contract from Early Ptolemaic Thebes (P.Louvre N.3263

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