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Le Guide Historique et Archéologique D’Alexandrie
تاريخ الاصدار
اسم المؤلف Yousrya Abed-Aziz Hosni
نبذه تعريفية

Alexandria is considered one of the most important cities in the history of Egyptian civilization; it represents a significant era of the Greco-Roman period.

Its fame was derived from its  founder, Alexander the Great, who was buried there. Researchers made significant attempts at tracking his cemetery to uncover its secrets.

This book is divided into four chapters: Chapter I deals with Alexandria during the Graeco-Roman Period and casts light on some of the tombs there, like the tombs of Shatby and Mustafa Kamel.

Chapter II deals with the life of the Jews in Alexandria. Chapter III  goes into the city during the Islamic Period and Chapter IV investigates Alexandria in the Ottoman Period.

178pp. ISBN.978-977-479-928-8 235pl. 3plan.

For purchase:Egyptian Museum - cairo