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(Bulletin of The Egyptian Museum (Bem vol.1
تاريخ الاصدار 01 January 2004
اسم المؤلف
نبذه تعريفية

Eldamaty, Mamdouh and Samy, Heba
The Egyptian Directions of the Cairo Museum 1941-1991.   

Abdel Meguid, Ossama A.W
The Nubia Museum and The Community
Arnold, Dorothea
The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Davies, Vivian 
Ancient Egypt in the British Mueum: the public Face

Donadoni Roveri, Ann-Maria 
Il Museo Egizio Di Torino: Storia E Prospettive
Eggebrech, Arne 
The Hildesheim Effect’- The Experience of 26 Years of Museum CO-Operation between Egypt and Germany
EL-Saddik, Wafaa
Some Educational Remarks on Museum Education
Freed, Rita E
Egypt and The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:Past, Present and Future
Naguib, Saphinaz-Amal
From Temple to information Centre. New Perspectives on the Role of Museums in The 21st Century
Schulz, Regina
Treasures of Bronze
Ziegler, Christiane
Du Nil Au Grand Canal, Un Exemple De Coopération Internationale: L,Exposition Les Pharaons À Venis

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