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Sports exhibition at the Egyptian Museum
21 June 2019
Sports exhibition at the Egyptian Museum


To celebrate Egypt’s African Cup of Nations 2019,  Dr. Khaled El-Enany, Minister of Antiquities,Dr. Rania Al-Mashatte Minister of tourism, and Dr. Ashraf Sobhy Minister of Youth and Sposts inaugurated today a temporary exhibition entitle "Sports Through Ages" telling the history of sports along the span of the Egyptian civilization.

With the attendance of 16 foreign Ambassadors in Cairo.

The exhibition is on show at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo and will last until August.

Elham Salah Head of the Museums Sector explains that the exhibition displays a collection of sport games  that interested the ancient Egyptians to maintain their bodies’ fitness.

 They were also keen to teach their children several types of sports such as running, gymnastics, jumping, ball, and hourse riding, boxing, wrestling, and weightlifting. As well as the water sports such as swimming, kayaking and fishing.  Many of these  sports have been engraved on the walls of tombs and temples.

 Sabah Abdel Razek, general director of the Egyptian Museum, said that the exhibition includes 96 artifacts among them 80 pieces from the Egyptian Museum while the rest are  from the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA),  Prince Mohammed Ali Palace Museum in Manial and Gayer Anderson Museum.

 The collection includes the statue of King Amenhotep II, who excelled in all kinds of sports and horse riding, two objects representing hunting  traps, statue of Mercury carrying the Olympic Flame, six plates decorated with Tahtib game (traditional sticks fighting) and a paintings depicting sports scenes from  Beni Hassan tombs.