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Mission of the German Institute of Archeaology
موقع عمل البعثة Fayoum Governorate
المعهد / الجامعة Combined Mission (Egypt - Germany)
الموقع الالكتروني اضغط للذهاب للموقع
طبيعة عمل البعثة Excavations

Country: Germany
Head of the mission: Cornelia Rӧmer
Place of work: Watfa in al-Fayoum

The joint Egyptian-German mission working in Watfa in al-Fayoum revealed the remains of the first gymnasium ever to be discovered in Egypt. The structure dates back to the Hellenistic period. The gymnasium was an institution dedicated to the teaching of reading and writing, sports and the holding of philosophical discussions. It also included a large meeting hall with a number of statues, a dining hall and a courtyard, as well as a race-track of about 200 meters in length.

حمل الكتيب