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University of Geneva Mission and the University of Sorbonne
موقع عمل البعثة Giza Governorate
المعهد / الجامعة Combined Mission (Egypt- France-Switzerland)
الموقع الالكتروني اضغط للذهاب للموقع
طبيعة عمل البعثة Excavations

 Country:  Switzerland- France
 Head of the mission:Philippe Collombert
 Place of work:Saqqara

In collaboration with the MoA, the joint French-Swiss mission from the University of Geneva discovered a number of monumental fragments during excavation works carried out at the eastern side of Queen Ankhesenpepy II’s funerary complex She was the mother of King Pepy II, one of the kings of the Sixth Dynasty. The mission discovered the upper part of an obelisk, a small rose granite pyramidion and a wooden head of a statue of the Queen.

حمل الكتيب