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Mission of the Ministry of Antiquities
موقع عمل البعثة Aswan Governorate
المعهد / الجامعة Egypt
طبيعة عمل البعثة Excavations

Country: Egypt
Head of the mission: Sayed Ahmed Ali Al Rawi  
 Place of work: Agha Khan region (West of Aswan )

An MoA project working near Agha Khan Mausoleum West of Aswan uncovered ten Late Period tombs. The area is an extension of the West Aswan necropoliscemetery, where the elite of Aswan, during the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms, were buried.

The tombs are similar to one another in architectural design, each contains staircases carved into rock leading to the entrance of the cemetery, then to simple rooms where a number of coffins and mummies were found.

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