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Mission of the Spanish National Council
موقع عمل البعثة Aswan Governorate
المعهد / الجامعة Combined Mission (Egypt- Spain)
الموقع الالكتروني اضغط للذهاب للموقع
طبيعة عمل البعثة Excavations

 Country: Spain
Head of the mission: Jose Galan
Place of work:Dra‛ Abual-Naga in Thebes

The Egyptian archaeological mission in Dra‛ Abual-Naga in Thebes has uncovered the contentsof the tomb of "Userhat", an official during the eighteenth dynasty
The tomb has actually been known since mid-twenthieth century, but this is the first time it has been excavated. Six coffins with well -preserved mummies were
found in the tomb , inaddition to ceramic vessels and over one thousand and four- hundred ushabtis

حمل الكتيب