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Mission of the Spanish National Museum
موقع عمل البعثة Beni Suef Governorate
المعهد / الجامعة Combined Mission (Egypt- Spain)
الموقع الالكتروني اضغط للذهاب للموقع
طبيعة عمل البعثة Excavations

Country: Spain</br>
Head of Mission: Maria Carmen Perez Die</br>
Place of work :Ihnasya el-Medina in Beni Suef   </br>

The mission has discovered a large lintel of red granite during its excavations in the temple of Hershef in Herakleopolis Magna, at Ihnasya el-Medina in Beni Suef governorate. The lintel is carrying the names of the 12th dynasty King Senusert II

حمل الكتيب