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The Sunken Monuments Department: It is one of the quality departments in the Ministry of Antiquities because it is distinguished by the nature of its work restricted under seas, lakes and the River Nile waters only, where the sunken monuments exist due to a shipwreck, a sunken building, a change of the course of the Nile, the sea-shore erosion factors or the falling of archaeological objects into the water. The department was developed after the great discoveries in the Mediterranean water in Alexandria between 1995 and 1996, when Alexandria lighthouse and the Royal quarter were discovered respectively under the eastern harbor. Dr. Ali Hassan decided then to establish the department to be headed by Dr. Ibrahim Darwish with some young inspectors who received courses in diving with the help of the Archaeological Society of Alexandria. That is how the department was established by a group of archaeologists experts in diving who graduated from various departments of the faculties of antiquities like Egyptology, Greco Roman, Coptic and Islamic departments. The future plan of the Department is preparing a diving center in Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria, as well as building the first museum under water, to be the first of its kind in the whole world. The Department is seeking now to provide funding for the excavations of four specified sites which are; Al Qusir at the Red Sea, Gebel El Silsila at Aswan, El Qals at North Sinai, and Ghazal Bay at Matrouh.

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