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The Harbor of Khufu at Wadi al-Jarf
المحافظة : Red Sea Governorate
المنطقة : Wadi al-Jarf
العصر التاريخي : Oldkingdom
نوع الأثر : Harbour
مادة الاثر : Multi
الابعاد : Multi
موقع الاكتشاف : The Harbor of Khufu at Wadi al-Jarf
عنوان الموقع الاثرى :
البعثة العاملة : See working missions
رقم التليفون : Not Found
رقم الفاكس : Not Found
متاح للزيارة : No

توصيف الموقع :

The Harbor is represented in remains of constructions built under water and taking the L shape with a slight obtuse angle.  Currently, a part of it appears on a small rock head, then extends under water 160 m. to the east, then irregularly extends 130m. to the south east. The width of this building is between 8 m. and 14 m. and is lying in water that does not exceed the depth of two meters in the time being.

Possibly, this building was established to act as a barrier to the waves and currents of the northern water to provide a large water area in which ships can dock and launch safely. The water area inside the interior basin of the ancient harbor is no less than 5.67 hectares.   What emphasizes the function of this site as sea port is finding 21 limestone anchors under water that date back to the Fourth Dynasty, 120 m. off the current shore and 11m. to the south of the wave barrier.

No doubt that the discovery of the harbor that dates back to the era of King Khufu, the most famous king in the Fourth Dynasty (2600BC.) at the site of Wadi al-Jarf, is one of the most important scientific events in the modern age. The Harbor holds the oldest facilities of an artificial seaport in the whole world known to date, and proves that the ancient Egyptians had experienced the establishment of seaports since the Fourth Dynasty at least, and formed a network between the Red Sea coast and the Sinai Peninsula.