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Opening of the exhibition "Profiles of the good"

The exhibition opened with a major art competition on Luxor city and its effects, which was launched by the Department of Cultural Development at the Ministry of Antiquities and the establishment of a special exhibition entitled "Profiles of the Good", targeting young people from 1 to 92 years from different governorates. The number of paintings participating 614 panels will be displayed 911 plates of them and 01 other paintings about the Nubia.

Photography of Egypt on Glass - Photo Treasures from the archives of the Ministry of Antiquities

The opening of a temporary exhibition entitled "Photography of Egypt on Glass" - photographic treasures from the archive of the Ministry of Antiquities



Medical initiative entitled "Health and Life"

Within the framework of the community communication plan applied by the museum sector through various museums in the Arab Republic of Egypt to play its role as cultural and educational institutions, the Egyptian Museum of Liberation organizes many events through the cultural activity in the museum during March.