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Unfinished Obelisk
المحافظة : Aswan Governorate
المنطقة : Aswan
فئة الموقع الاثرى : Egyptian monuments
نوع الموقع الاثرى : obelisk
عنوان الموقع الاثرى : Obelisk Quarry - First Shaikh - Department of Aswan
البعثة العاملة : Not Found
رقم التليفون : 20972318394
رقم الفاكس : Not Found
متاح للزيارة : Yes
مواعيد الزيارة : 7 AM - 5 PM in summer - 7 AM - 4 PM Winter
اسعار التذاكر : Egyptian 10 EG.P • Egyptian student 5 EG.P • Foreign 80 EG.P• Foreign student 40 EG.P

توصيف الموقع الاثري :

The Unfinished Obelisk lies on the northern board of the obelisk quarry which is the most important granite quarries in Aswan. The stones of this quarry were used to build the pyramid complex of King Khufu and many obelisks were cut from it.

This obelisk is the tallest Egyptian obelisk reaching about 42m. and weighing about 1000 tons. Work in this obelisk was not completed due to a crack in its surface. However the obelisk is very important because it presented insights into how obelisks were made and how huge stones were cut; 6 kg. Diorite rock balls were found for instance were found in the quarry that were used as mallets to separate and cut the sides of the obelisk, their marks are visible on the body of the obelisk and this process precedes digging a trench around the obelisk that allows the mass to be completely liberated