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Alexan’s Palace
المحافظة : Assyut Governorate
المنطقة : Assyut
فئة الموقع الاثرى : islamic monuments
نوع الموقع الاثرى : Palace
عنوان الموقع الاثرى : Nile Street (Al Thawra Street) south of the General Office of Assiut Governorate
البعثة العاملة : Not Found
رقم التليفون : Not Found
رقم الفاكس : Not Found
متاح للزيارة : Yes
مواعيد الزيارة : Not Found
اسعار التذاكر : Not Found

توصيف الموقع الاثري :

Assiut is renowned as a city of trade, where

wealthy merchant families lived. One of such

families was that of Alexan Pasha. A political

man of renaissance, Alexan Pasha was born in

1865 and joined the American School of Assiut

before going on to study law in his hometown. He

married Farouza Wisa, the daughter of another

wealth family, and they had four sons and four daughter                                                 

A strict protestant, he was the head of the

protestant community in Assiut until his death in

1949. Throughout his life, he was able to influence

family members and friends to financially

contribute to establishing the Protestant Church in

Alexandria in 1920.

The house was built on the bank of the Nile

in 1910, on one of Assiut's most prestigious

locations at the time. Designed and built by Italian

architects, the building follows a classical style. Its

fenced garden extends over 1.5 feddans. Its fruit

trees are maintained and still bear fruit.

In 1995, a decree was issued to register the

palace as an Islamic monument, and it was

registered by the decree number 1931 of the year