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Hammam (Public Bath) of Inal
المحافظة : Cairo Governorate
المنطقة : Al Moa'z
فئة الموقع الاثرى : islamic monuments
نوع الموقع الاثرى : حمام
عنوان الموقع الاثرى : Al-Mo'izLdeenEllah Al-Fatimi Street
البعثة العاملة : Not Found
رقم التليفون : Not Found
رقم الفاكس : Not Found
متاح للزيارة : Yes
مواعيد الزيارة : from9 a.m to 5p.m
اسعار التذاكر : Egyptian:10L.E Egyptian student: 5L.E Foreigner: 100 L.E Foreigne student: 50L.E

توصيف الموقع الاثري :

The Bath is located in Al-Mo'izLdeenEllah Al-Fatimi Street opposite to the palace of Emir Beshtak. It was built by Sultan Al-Malik Al-Ashraf Abu Al-Nasr SeifInal Al-Ala'i in 861 H\1456 AD. Al-Ala'i was named after the merchant (Alaa Al-Din Ali) who brought him to Sultan Barquq. Al Ashraf Inlal rose in the ranks to become a commander of one of the Mameluke army troops, and he managed to jump over the Sultanate throne in 857 H. till his death in 865 H.

The Bath has the characteristics of the Islamic public baths at the middle Ages.  It consists of a simple entrance that leads to a leanpassage which leads to the cold room where the bathers take off their clothes preparing for the shower. The room has seats and lockers for keeping personal belongings. This room leads to another passage that leads in its turn to the warm room then the hot room, and when getting out, the process is repeated backwardly in order to adjust the body temperature while getting in and out. Shallow domes were used in both cold and warm rooms to keep the heat.

The domes were provided with openings covered with colored glass for lighting.  The hot room has octagonal space with a basin in the center, and four Iwans are perpendicular on it for sitting down and four entrances at the corners leading to cells each one of them has basins and benches.Behind the bath there is a furnace where wasteswere gathered to be used as a fuel to heat the water for the bath. The furnace was also used to cook bean in huge pots, and that helped the city to get rid of the wastes.

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