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EL-Anfoshy tomb
المحافظة : Alexandria Governorate
المنطقة : Al anfoshy
فئة الموقع الاثرى : Greek and Roman monuments
نوع الموقع الاثرى : Tombs
عنوان الموقع الاثرى : al'anfushi - hayi aljamrik -Alexandria
البعثة العاملة : Not Found
رقم التليفون : Not Found
رقم الفاكس : Not Found
متاح للزيارة : Yes
مواعيد الزيارة : 8 am - 5 pm
اسعار التذاكر : • Egyptian 10 EG.P• Egyptian student 5 EG.P • Foreign 40 EG.P • Foreign student 20 EG.P

توصيف الموقع الاثري :

This group consists of five tombs that are generally similar to the Alexandrian tombs because of the existence of an open court and prayer antechamber leading to the funerary room. The oldestof the five tombs dates back to the beginning of the Second Century BC and the most recent one dates back to the end of this   Century. All the five tombs were used during the Roman Period.The tombs no. (2) and (5) are the most beautiful ones because of  their amazing scenes on the walls and ceilings. The tombs were greatly influenced by the ancient Egyptian art, which is clear in the use of the architectural and decorative elements.