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Salvage Fund Of Nubian Monuments
Salvage Fund Of Nubian Monuments

The Fund was established to perform engineering and technical operations to rescue the temples of Abusembel and the rock temples, to follow up the different works done at these sites, to provide all necessary funds for the Nubia monuments rescue procedures and to setting standards, conditions and technical specifications for bids and practices for rescue operations.
The Fund's duties:
1- To implement the decisions of the UNESCO concerning the rescue operations conforming to the UNESCO's cultural values.
2- To Review the articles of the agreement held with the UNESCO to rescue the Nubia monuments or any other similar legal agreements and to suggest adding any new articles necessary to rescue and safeguard monuments in this area.
3- To set programs of dismantling the temples and whole archaeological areas and display them on specialized international committees.
4- To provide the work sites with human resources and provide necessary needs to perform the rescue operations and to follow up the maintenance operations of the rescued sites.
5- To raise public-awareness about the rescue operations at Nubia area and to market the sites and archaeological contents in this important area.
6- To search for new fundraisings to maintain monuments at Nubia area as well as exchanging technical experts with international organizations in this domain.
The Fund's Headquarter in Cairo and is affiliated by:
1- The Fund's Office in Cairo
2- The Fund's Office in Asswan
3- The Fund's Office in Abusembel
4- Nubia Museum


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