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The Vision and Mission of the Ministry of Antiquities (MA)

The Vision:

To protect and conserve the antiquities of the successive civilizations that inhabited the Egyptian land for the future generations. To raise the archaeological awareness in order to emphasize the uniqueness of the Egyptian identity and to highlight the Egyptian fundamental role in building up the human civilization seeking to place Egypt at the center of the cultural tourism in order to promote the Egyptian economy and to support Egypt's soft power in its national and international sphere.

The Message:

The Ministry of Antiquities is responsible for protecting the Egyptian archaeological heritage through listing antiquities all over Egypt, excavate, register, conserve and restore them prioritizing the areas at risk of environmental or urban encroachment. The MA also supervises all the archaeological foreign missions working in Egypt.

The Ministry performs all the tasks related to making the archaeological sites available to visitors and scholars besides establishing museums and providing them with plans to guarantee a perfect role in education, enlightenment and entertainment. The museums roles also include introducing the Egyptian civilization, document and conserve the archaeological objects, scientific research and raise the archaeological awareness especially among the new generations. Those roles basically integrate with the roles of the exhibitions established outside Egypt in promoting the Egyptian civilization as a distinctive part of the world human heritage.

The Ministry of Antiquities with all its experience in museum management collaborates with many other Ministries in developing their museums and creating scenarios of museum display. The MA also participates in preserving and restoring the displayed objects, develop the museums financial resources and expand their roles in community serving. It finally collaborates in implementing the sustainable development plans through reviving the Egyptian heritage endangered crafts by documenting them, making all researches related to them and establishing crafts centers at the museums in order to promote the Egyptian culture and to emphasize its uniqueness.