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Museums Sector
Museums Sector

It is responsible for establishing and developing the archaeological museums, developing the museum display systems and choosing the objects suitable for display from the warehouses. It is responsible also for safeguarding the museum contents whether huge, regional, historical or specified including co-coordinating with the Projects Sector to restore or treat those objects.
It is affiliated by the following Departments and Museums:
Technical Office:
The Central Department of Registration and documentation
The General Department of Scientific Research
The General Department Archives
Sector's Secretariat
The General Department of Employees Affairs
1- Alexandria's Museums
Royal Jewelry Museum
Rosetta (Rashid) National Museum
Mosaïc Museum
National Museum of Alexandria
2- Huge Museums
The Egyptian Museum
Museum of Islamic Art
The Coptic Museum
The Greco Roman Museum
3-Regional Museums
Suez Museum
Ismailia Museum
El Arish Museum
Tanta Museum
Mansoura Museum
Hirriyat Razna Museum
Tell Basta Museum
Mummification Museum
Beni Suef Museum
Sharm El Sheikh Museum
Marsa Matrouh Museum
Port Said Museum
Hurghada Museum
Qina Museum
4- Historical Museums:
Royal Chariots Museum – Boulaq
Royal Chariots Museum – The Citadel
National Police Museum
Gayer-Anderson Museum
5- Specified Museums:
Egyptian Textile Museum
Khufu Solar Boat Museum


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