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Museums and Antiquities Financing Fund Sector
Museums and Antiquities Financing Fund Sector

Museums and Antiquities Financing Fund Sector The Fund with established under the Presidential Decree no.95 of 1987. It is concerned with providing the necessary funds for wages, current expenditure, restoration and conservation of antiquities and excavation works, museums developments and repayment of expropriation damages.
The Sector is responsible for receiving grants and loans that the board of directors agrees on and to follow up if they were used in the assigned fields in addition to monitoring revenue collection and to put the financial plan of the Ministry and follow up its implementation.
The Sector also performs the following:
1- Prepare the project of the Ministry's annual budget, follow it up and participate in discussing it with the competent authorities until it is accredited and issued from the Ministry of Finance.
2- Following up the implementation of the budget items through distributing the approved fund on the different Sectors and Departments. It is responsible for Bookkeeping and account records, conduct restrictions and reconciliations and prepare the necessary digital statements according to the rules and regulations.
3- Schedule and allocate the necessary financial resources to finance all projects in the Ministry as well as financing the necessary requirements for each Sector.
4- Make all bank transfers whether for monthly wages or foreign transfers when required.
5- Controlling the expenditures through checking the integrity of spending items with the availability of financial accreditation, auditing and to ensure the validity of the procedures financially, legally and authoritatively.
6- Making an inventory and analysis of the actual expenditures and making comparisons between the final year and the previous years and clarify the differences.
7- Estimate and provide the Ministry and all its agencies with their needs and cordite their usage, maintain the means owned by the Ministry and organizing their supply according to the set rates.
8- Develop the human resources at the Ministry of Antiquities and to estimate its needs and to employ them in light of the Ministry's strategic plan.
The Most important Departments affiliated to this Sector:
1- The General Department of Grants, Offers and External Exhibitions
2- The Central Department of Revenues


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